Speciality Food Grade Products
in both performance and value

About Foodshield

Foodshield Lubricants offers a comprehensive range of specialised food safe products designed and manufactured to meet the highest specification requirements for food production facilities.

Food safety is crucial to our customers so all of our Foodshield products are NSF H1 registered and meet the strict international requirements of the Jewish and Islamic laws so they are also Kosher and Halal certified.  Foodshield products are free from animal derived ingredients, dairy, nut oils, soya and genetically modified ingredients and are free from Allergens.

Featured Products

Discover the Foodshield range of high performance lubricants which offer consumer protection, confidence and reduced maintenance costs with improved lubrication efficiency.

What Foodshield offers

Foodshield products are formulated to the highest standards. Giving you confidence and peace of mind. All our Foodshiled products are approved; NSF H1, Halal & Kosher.

Our range of performance lubricants offer consumer protection, reduced maintenance costs and an improved lubrication efficiency. We also offer distributor training and support.